Steps for using Horizontal Type Tool and Vertical Type Tool

  1. Select File > New or File > Open depending upon your requirement.
  2. Select Horizontal or Vertical Type Tool from the toolbar.
  3. Various options will get appear in the tool options bar. You can set Font family, font size, font color, anti-aliasing, alignment etc.
  4. Click on the canvas where you want to type your text. When you click, this will automatically add a new layer in the layer palette.
  5. Now, start typing your text. But if you want to add paragraph type then first click and drag your mouse. This will make a bounding box in which you can enter your text.
  6. If you want to edit any single word then double click in between the word that you want to edit and click three times if you want to edit whole line of text. But click four times to edit your paragraph of text (this will select your complete paragraph).

Steps for using Horizontal Type Mask Tool and Vertical Type Mask Tool

  1. Select File > New.
  2. Select Horizontal or Vertical Type Mask Tool from the tool options bar.
  3. You can change font family, font size, font color, anti-aliasing, alignment etc. from the tool options bar.
  4. Open layer palette (select Window > Layers). Create a new layer by clicking on the "Create a New Layer" icon given at the bottom of the layer palette.
  5. Now, click and type your text on the image. This will add a mask. You can change the position of your text while typing because when you are typing, your cursor will change into move tool or you can say that it acts like a move tool.
  6. After typing your text click on the layer in the layers palette.
  7. Open an image, which you want to fill your text with. Select File > Open.
  8. Press Ctrl + A or choose Select > All for selecting whole image.
  9. Now, switch back to the file on which you have written your text. Press Ctrl + Shift + V or select Edit > Paste Into.
  10. Select Move Tool from the toolbar and can move your fill image within the text outline.
  11. After setting the position of the image, choose Layer > Flatten Image.

Helpful Website Designing Photoshop Type Tools, Type Mask Tools Tips
  • How to change the font attributes of text on the different layers at once?

    1. Link all the type layers on which you want to change your written text by clicking on the link box next to the layer visibility box (eye).
    2. Select the type tool if not selected and press Shift key.
    3. Now, make changes from the tool options bar (i.e. font size, color, font type etc.). You can see these changes on all the type layers.
  • Text added on Index color mode or 1 Bitmap mode images will not get edited or moved because text added on these modes will be added directly on the image.

Different Type Tools and Type Mask Tools options given in the Tool Options Bar:

When you select any of the type tool (Horizontal Type Tool, Vertical Type Tool, Horizontal Type Mask Tool and Vertical Type Mask Tool) related tool options appear in the Tool Options bar.These options are described below:

  1. Text Orientation: This will change the vertical written text to horizontal and horizontal written text to vertical. You can also do this function by selecting Layer > Type > Vertical or Layer > Type > Horizontal.

  2. Font Family: You can select or change the font family (such as Arial, Arial Black, Tahoma etc.) from the Font Family popup menu.

  3. Font Style: You can select any font style from the Font Style popup menu. There are 4 different styles available: Regular, Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic.

  4. Font Size: You can set or change the font size from the Font dropdown menu. You can also type the font size in the field given. Points is the by default unit of measurement for the font size. You can use any other unit of measurement (like in, mm, cm, pt, px, or pica) for the font size by simply entering the unit in the field after the value.

  5. Anti-aliasing: This will smooth the edges of the text. There are 5 options available: None, Sharp, Crisp, Strong, Smooth. Alternatively you can select any of these options by selecting Layer > Type > Anti-Alias Strong or any other option from here.

  6. Text Alignment: You can align your text by clicking on the text alignment icon. There are 3 alignment options available for the Horizontal or Horizontal Type Mask Tool: Left Align Text, Center Text and Right Align Text. Options available for Vertical or Vertical Type Mask Tool are: Top Align Text, Center Text, Bottom Align Text.

  7. Text Color: Using text color icon, you can change the color of your text. Just click on the icon, a color Palette is open from where you can select the color.

  8. Create Warped Text: By using this option you can type your text in different shapes like arc or wave (taking this shape as a guide path).

    How to warp the text?

    1. Select any Type Tool from the toolbar and type your text.
    2. Now, click on the Warp text icon from the tool options bar or select Layer > Type > Warp Text.
    3. A warp text dialogue box will get appear. Select any style (arc, bulge, flag etc.) from the drop down; choose vertical or horizontal text orientation. There are other available options also: Bend (set how much warp is applied to the text), Horizontal Distortion and Vertical Distortion.

      Note: To unwrap the text click on the Warp text icon from the tool options bar and select none from the style drop down in the dialogue box.

  9. Character and Paragraph Palette: Using Character palette you can set font family, font style, font size, color, leading, tracking, kerning, vertically scaling, horizontal scaling, anti-aliasing. In this palette there are some icons available on this palette: Faux Bold, Faux Italics, All Caps, Small Caps, Superscript, subscript, Underline, Strikethrough. From the Paragraph Palette you can set alignment, indentation, space before a new paragraph and how much space you want to leave after a paragraph.
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