1. Select File > Open.
  2. Select any selection tool (like marquee tool, lasso tool etc) for selecting some portion of your image. If you want to move your entire image then there is no need for selecting any selection tool.
  3. Select “Move Tool” from the toolbar.
  4. Now, make your settings in the “tool options bar” according to your need. If you want to resize your selection or an entire image then select “Show Bounding Box”. You can also use different alignment options for aligning your objects.
  5. Move the pointer inside the selection area. Now, click and drag the selection to a new position.

Helpful Website Designing Photoshop Move Tool Tips
  • Right-click with the Move Tool selected on the image; there appears a list of all visible layers under your cursor was clicked. Click on a layer name to select it.
  • To move an object strictly horizontally or vertically hold down Shift key while moving.
  • You can move the selection one pixel at a time using arrow keys and by pressing "Shift+Arrow Key" you can move this by 10 pixels at a time.
  • If you hold down Alt key while dragging your object then this will make a duplicate copy of your object.

Move Tool options given in the Tool Options Bar:

When you select any move tool, related tool options appear in the Tool Options bar. These options are given below:

  1. Auto Select Layer: When turned on, will move the object on the top most layer which is under the cursor and when turned off, will move the object on the current selected layer.

  2. Show Bounding Box: When selected, display the bounding box around the selected object so that you can transform your object. You can drag the handles around the object for resizing and rotating. The moment you start resizing your image your move tool option bar changes to the transform options bar.

  3. Alignment Options: These options are used to align selections.
    • Align Top Edges: Align or move layers vertically, to the same top edge of your selection.
    • Align Vertical Centers: Align objects on layers vertically, to the selected layer vertical center position.
    • Align Bottom Edges: Move or align layers vertically to the bottom edge of your selection.
    • Align Left Edges: Align layers in horizontal direction to the same left edge of your selected object.
    • Align Horizontal Centers: Align or move layers horizontally, to the same horizontal center position of your selection.
    • Align Right Edges: Move or align objects on the layer by right edges position of your selection.

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