Steps for using Lasso Tool

  1. Select File > Open and select the file of an image to work on.
  2. Select Lasso tool from the toolbar or press ”L”.
  3. Bring the mouse cursor to the object, click and drag to make your freehand or irregular selection.
  4. Now, if you want to draw straight-line selections, select “Polygonal Lasso Tool”.
  5. Click where you want the first straight segment to begin, and click a second time where you want the segment to end and the next one to begin. Continue clicking to create segments. To close this selection, double click your mouse.
  6. For selecting objects with complex edges, select Magnetic Lasso Tool. Press the left button of your mouse and start dragging the cursor along the object.
  7. Close the selection either by double-clicking the mouse or position the pointer over the starting point and click or just press “Enter” key.

Helpful Website Designing Photoshop Lasso Tool Tips
  • To erase recently drawn segments, press Delete key.
  • While making your selection using polygonal lasso tool press Shift key for creating straight lines or lines in an angle of 45°.
  • For increasing the selection edge width by 1 pixel press ] and for decreasing selection edge width by 1 pixel press [ in your keyboard.

Lasso Tool options given in the Tool Options Bar:

When you select any lasso tool, related tool options will get appear in the Tool Options bar. These options are given below:

  1. Selections:
    • New selection: This will make or draw new selections.
    • Add to selection: This will add a part to the selection.
    • Subtract from selection: This will remove a part from the selection.
    • Intersect with selection: This will select only the overlapping or intersecting area.

  2. Feather: You can smooth the edges of your selection. This is used for giving a blurry effect.
  3. Anti-aliased: This is used for making your selection edges smooth.
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