Steps for using Crop Tool

  1. Select File > Open.
  2. Select “Crop Tool” from the toolbar or press C on the keyboard.
  3. Now, select a portion of an image that you want to crop by clicking and dragging your cursor over an image.
  4. You can use “Tool Options Bar”, for defining size and resolution of your image.
  5. You can resize your selection by moving the handles according to your need of selection.
  6. If you want to rotate an image then hold your cursor near the corner of the selection until it changes to double curved arrow and then drag in a circular direction.
  7. Press Enter on your keyboard to crop your selected image.
  8. Now let us learn how to crop an image using Crop Tool and Marquee Tool both.
  9. Select Rectangular Marquee Tool from the toolbar and make a selection using this tool (You can visit our “Marquee Tool Video Tutorial” if you are not able to make selection using marquee tool).
  10. Now, select Image > Crop and you have your cropped image right in front of you according to your selection made.

Helpful Website Designing Photoshop Crop Tool Tips
  • By turning on the Caps key on your keyboard, you can change your standard cursor to crosshair cursor.
  • While changing the size of a selection, if you hold down the Shift key the height and width will be constrained.
  • If you are increasing your canvas size by dragging the handles of your selection then the background of your canvas will be filled with the background color selected.

Crop Tool options given in the Tool Options Bar:

When you select crop tool, related tool options will get appear in the Tool Options bar. These options are given below:

  1. Width: You can set width in this field before cropping an image. After selecting your cropped image the side handles on the crop selection box will get disappear. If you want side handles of your crop selection box back then delete the width and height entries by clicking clear button.

  2. Height: If you know the height of your selection before cropping an image then you can mention your desired height in the “height” field. When you crop this image after mentioning your height and width then side handles on the crop selection box will get disappear. To get these handles back click on the clear button for deleting height and width or you can also manually delete these entries.

  3. Resolution : You can also set the resolution you want for the cropped area. Resolution can be entered in either pixels per inch or per centimeter.

  4. Clear: To clear width, height and resolution text boxes.

  5. Front Image: By clicking Front Page button, will show you the current width, height and resolution values of an image in the given fields. Now, if you have changed your image height and width with no value entered in the resolution field then this will automatically take resolution according to your image size.

Options given below will get appear in the Tool Options Bar after making your selection using crop tool.

  1. Shield: When checked will mask or covered an outside-cropped area with a semitransparent layer or solid color. Use of this option is that you can change your cropped selection after seeing your earlier selection.

  2. Color: The color filled outside the cropped image can be changed by clicking the color box.

  3. Opacity: You can change the opacity of a filled area outside your cropped selection by changing the value in the opacity option. By using this option you can see the preview of an image after cropping it. This will help in making your selection perfect.

  4. Cancel Current Crop Operation: You can cancel the crop by clicking on the round button on the right side of the tool option bar. You can also do this by pressing ”Esc” on the keyboard.

  5. Commit Current Crop Operation: By clicking on the check mark given on the right side of the tool option bar will perform the crop function (crop the image). You can also do this by pressing Enter key on your keyboard after selecting the cropped area.

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